Deramed Gel Protectors

Deramed Pure Gel Digital cap
F-00033-(01-03)-(01B-03B) S, L Pure Gel Digital cap with the advantages of pure gel. Dissolves callus. Soft protection as never before
Deramed Digital Cap Gel (Mesh)
F-00033-(02-04) S,M, and L Deramed Digital Cap Gel (Mesh) has the advantage of 0 Shore hardness and medicated oil but has an outer 2 way stretch mesh for longer life. Used for longer term protection of digits.
Deramed Skin Gel Covered
F-00036-(01-02) (1 Sided)F-00036-03 ( 2mm – 2 Sided) 1mm & 2mm Gel Covered Sheets. Available: Covered 1 side – 1 mm and 2 mm thickness. Covered both sides – 2 mm thickness. Size: 15 x 20 cm. In foot care to reduce pain of calluses, skin hardness, friction and in dermatology to reduce closed scars post-operatively.
Deramed Pure Gel Ring
F-00041 ring
F-00041-(Sizes) S,L Deramed Pure Gel Ring. The ultimate Shore 0 protection used on a digit where softness is the goal. The advantage of pure gel is the soft touch on the neighbouring digit. Important in frail patients such as diabetics and geriatric patients. Again the medicated oil in the gel is soothing and softens callus.
Deramed Digital Pad/Corn Pad
F-00041-(Size) Deramed Digital Pad/Corn Pad is used to protect corns from pressure but also to soften and remove corn with the medicated oil in the gel.
DERAMED Corn Gel Ring Protector
F-00041-(31B & 32B) S, L The Corn Gel Ring Protector is made of a very soft elastic Deramed® gel. It has a specially designed shape with a thick top and a gap for the corn. This ensures perfect positioning to protect painful corns. To protect the Dorsal part of the Toe. Helps protect against the formation of new corns, especially in the case of hammer or claw toes.
Deramed Hallux Valgus Protector (Fabric)
F-00042 1
F-00042- (Size) S, L Deramed Hallux Valgus Protector (Fabric) is a fabric housing with our 0 Shore hardness Gel discincorporated. Popular conservative treatment for bunions.
Deramed Pure Gel Hallux Valgus Protector
F-00042 2
F-00042-05B One size Pure Gel Hallux Valgus Protector is an extra thickness soft protection which last longer than small gel protector
Deramed Gel Bunion Protector Small
F-00042-07B S Deramed Gel Bunion Protector SmallThin Gel protection with outer fabric layer which makes fitting socks easier. Especially used when shoe space is limited (as in womens court shoes)
Met & Bunion Protector Sleeve
F-00042-(46B-47B) S, L The Protector Sleeve is made of a soft, elastic and hypoallergenic fabric . It incorporates two Deramed ® Gel pads in the metatarsal and bunion areas. Relieves discomfort caused by metatarsalgia. Also used to off-load and to reduce chafing in footwear.
Gel Toe Spreader & Bunion Protector
F-00042-54B One Size Fits All It is made of a soft, smooth and stretchy moisturising Deramed® gel. Due to its small size it fits perfectly into a shoe. Helps to prevent the overlapping of the 1st and 2nd toes. It alleviates painful bunions, toe corns and blisters while pushing the toes into alignment.
Deramed Metatarsal Gel Strap
F-00043-(Sizes) S, L Deramed Metatarsal Gel Strap has a soft gel pad enveloped by fabric. Especially suited for the less active patient in need of metatarsal off-loading.
Deramed Metatarsal Protector
F-00044-01B S, L Description: Metatarsal Protector consisting of 2-2.5mm gel film sandwiched between fabric sheets. Base fabric is both non-stretch and slip resistant to avoid unnecessary movement within the shoe. The top cover is an elasticised and brushed fabric to provide maximum comfort. x1 pair / clamshell
Deramed Pure Gel Metatarsal Cushion
F-00044-07B One Size A Metatarsal head protector. At 2.5mm depth it is unobstructive and will attenenuate foot pain and callusing of the foot. Used for relieving burning sensation caused by standing for long periods and wearing high heeled shoes.
Deramed Digital Gel Dots flat on Adhesive sheet
F-00045-03 Digital Gel Dots flat on Adhesive sheet. 9 Discs/sheet. Discs are used in difficult areas for protection. Adhesive on one side.
Deramed Digital Gel Dots Concave Adhesive sheet
F-00045-04 Digital Gel Dots Concave Adhesive sheet- 9 discs/sheet. Used for Gel protection of difficult areas. Has its own adhesive on inside.
Deramed Pure Gel Square – no adhesive back
F-00046-00 Pure Gel Square – 10 x 10cm x 2 sheets. No adhesive backing. Can be cut to any shape and fixed with strapping to protect against friction or to redistribute pressure.
Deramed Pure Gel Square – w/ adhesive (10x 10cm 2 sheets
F-00047-00 Pure Gel Square (10cm x 10cm x2 sheets)Pure gel square on moleskin with adhesive. Gel side is placed onto the skin and the adhesive backing is used to adhere the sheet to footwear, orthotics or prosthesis.
Deramed Digistrip 72cm
: F-00048-(Size) S, M, L The gel is on one side only, thicker than mesh tubes and therefore gives more protection but only on one side. The outer fabric gives it a longer lasting effect but also makes it rougher than pure gel. Choice depends on patient. Deramed Digistrip 72cm length strips are used by professionals as alround product. Cut to the length required.
Deramed Oval Adhesive Patch Size
F-00049-(Size) S, L Deramed Oval Adhesive Patch x6 units /bag. Gel with one side glued.
Deramed Heel Protector
F-00049-08 Deramed Heel Protector x 6 Units/bagPure gel protection with hypo-allergenic glue on one side. For protecting the shafing heel.
Deramed Gel Tube (Mesh)
F-00050-(Size) S, L Deramed Gel Tube, Mesh fabric is a product used by the professional to cut to size.
Available in either x 6 professional packaging or x2 clamshell packaging
Deramed Pure Gel Tube 8cm
F-00051-(Sizes) S, L Deramed Pure Gel Tube 8cm is a professional packaged product used by professional to cut a tube to size required. Shore hardness 0. Medicated oil saturated. Used to protect and heal toe conditions such as hammer toes.
Deramed Gel Half Sock
F-00052-(Size) XS, S, M, L, XL Deramed Gel Half Sock with thick plantar gel panel. This is an excellent product for the elderly patient with painful feet due to loss of plantar fat pad. Not to be used in the very active patient. Rather the slow walking shuffler. Can be used in diabetic foot care patient with above walking patterns.
Deramed Gel Insole
F-00053-03 S, M, L, XL This product is specially designed to be used in normal shoes. It has fabric on 2 sides with gel inner layer. It can be cut to the form of any shoe. An easy to use protective inner for diabetic and other painful feet. Washable
Deramed Pure Gel Toe Spreader
F-00054 – (Sizes) Deramed Toe Spreader. Pure Gel with all the advantages of pure gel. 0 Shore Hardness. Saturated with soothing medicated oil. Used mostly between 1st and 2nd digit to position and protect against abnormal pressure points. Used effectively as post-operative positioner in bunion operations.
Deramed Gel Bunion Spreader & Ring Size
F-00054-(41B-42B) S, L Made of soft and smooth moisturising Deramed® gel, it is a combination of the all gel toe spreader and the all gel ring. The toe spreader helps prevent overlapping of the 1st and 2nd toes alleviating painful bunions, toe corns and blisters while pushing the toes into alignment.
Deramed Day & Night Gel Bunion SpreaderF00054_54 F-00054-(54B-55B) S, L Day & Night Gel Bunion Spreader is made of the soft and smooth moisturising Deramed® gel, it is a combination of the all gel toe spreader and the fully gel lined elastic fabric tube. The tube keeps thespreader in place all day making it suitable for both daytime ornight-time use. The toe spreader helps prevent overlapping of the 1st and 2nd toes. This helps to alleviate painful bunions, toe corns and blisters while pushing the toes into alignment.
Deramed Pure Gel Toe Separators
F-00055-(Sizes) S, M, L, XL Deramed Pure Gel Toe Separators are extremely soft and comfortable. Saturated with medicated oil to sooth the skin.
Deramed Pure Gel Toe Props
F-00056-(Sizes) Deramed Pure Gel Toe Props are sold in pairs.Shore 0 softness, Medicated oil in gel. Used to correct hammer toes and to prop up sub-digital space. Also soothing on chapped skin of sub-digital skin conditions.
Deramed Pure Gel Disks
F-00057-01B Deramed Pure Gel Disks x2/clamshell. Pure gel disc to be used for protection of localized pressure point. Fastened with tape.
Deramed Gel Foot Cover
F-00058-(SIzes) S, M, L. Deramed Gel Foot Cover. Sold in pairs. Used in the elderly with multiple incorrigible pressure points.Large panel has a 2mm gel panel in for metatarsal protection. Top panel has 1mm gel sheath in for protection of hammer toes etc.Can be used up side down. Over or underneath socks.
Deramed Sweet Feet Met Protector
F-00073-00 One size Now with glue on one side to prohibit rolling effect.
Can be washed and re-used.
Deramed Sweet Feet Met Protector is ideal for the high heeled sandal wearing patient who needs metatarsal cushioning.
Deramed Achilles Protector SleeveF00076_01 F-00076-(01B-02B) S, L 3 mmThick gel pad moulded into a toeless sock. To relieve pain related to achilles tendonitis, bursitis and other achilles injuries. Protects the achilles against friction, sores and corns.
Deramed Corn Wraps
The gel polymer with mineral oil softens the callus which makes it even more effective. At the same time preventing new corns. Corn wraps aid in the removal of even the toughest corns by reducing all pressure and friction.
Deramed Gel Bunion Sleeve
F-00042-06B One size This Hallux Valgus protector slips on easily and holds its position better than other products. The smooth thin fabric takes up little space and provides exceptional comfort. The pad helps to protect the shin from pressure, friction, and pinching in many kinds of sport. Especially effective in ice-skating, and ski boots!
Deramed Shin Gel Padding Sock
S, L Elastic toeless sock with anatomic gel pad to protect the tibia area. Protect the tibia area.
Deramed Malleoli Protector Sleeve – 1pair
Women, Men Sleeve with 3mm gel pads over the malleoli protecting it from abasion and friction. Used to prevent bedsoresUsed as protection when wearing leg splints, boots and braces.Also used as therapy to remove callus from malleoli.
Deramed Heel Softening Sleeve
Heel softning gel sleeve
One Size Elastic ankle sleeve with a mineral oil inner gel padding. This is used to effectively treat dry and cracked heels. It acts as effective pain reliver in these patients.
Deramed Shin & Achilles Sock ProtectorF00079_01 F-00079-(01B-02B) S, L A toeless sock with 2 mm soft gel cushion pads moulded into the tibia and achilles areas of sock. To protect tibia and achilles against abrasion and friction.
Deramed Pointed High Heel Shoe Met Protector

F-00085-00B One Size Fits All Low profile metatarsal protector and is made from a gel polymer triblock. Designed to fit into pointed high heels. To relieve pain and discomfortin under the metatarsals, caused by wearing high heels or being on ones feet over a long period of time.