Deramed Sillicone Insoles

Deramed Heelcup Comfort – Two density
F-00031- (Size) Comfort Heelcup – Two density .Especially effective under existing insoles. Worn shoes often cannot take standard heelcup due to sides. The comfort fills this need. Blue dot centre to relief pressure on painful area.
Deramed Heel Cup Comfort – One density
F-00031 – (Size) Comfort Heel Cup – One density.
Often used under the existing inner.
Used as heel lift or as shock absorbent in cupped shoes
Deramed Heel Cup Two density with Central Blue Dot
F-00037- (Size) S,M,L Deramed Heel Cup Two density with softer central Blue dot. Used for central heel support and pain.
Deramed Heel Cup Two Density with Lateral Blue Dot
F-00037-(Sizes) S,M,L Deramed Heel Cup Two Density with Lateral Blue Dot is used to off-load the plantar fasciitis patient. Used to off-load the plantar fasciitis patient.
Deramed 3/4 Length Insole
F-00038-(Size) S,M,L 3/4 is useful when shoes won’t allow for Full Length or more arch support is needed. Used for soft heel,arch and metatarsal support.
Deramed Full Length Silicone Insoles
: F-00040-(Sizes) Deramed Full Length Silicone InsolesSoft blue dotted inserts on heel and metatarsal areas. Metatarsal support built in.

Breathing holes throughout insole.

Metatarsal area thin enough to be accomodated in normal shoes.

Used in uncomplicated diabetic foot protection.
Deramed Met Protector Half Insole
F-00072-00B Deramed Met Protector Half Insole is the ideal metatarsal protection in Closed Shoe. Sold in pairs. This is a silicone product which makes it more suitable in the active patient.
Deramed Fresil Comfort Insole
F-00035 An extra slim full length insole incorporating two densities of silicone. Provides shock absorbtion and relieves foot knee and hip pain. A comfort device for tired painful feet that takes up little space in footwear and therefor suitable for wearing in normal shoes. Excellent for ladies shoes.
Deramed Extra Slim Heel Cup


F-00086-(01B-02B) S & L Ultra-low profile heel protector made from silicone. Suitable for high heeled shoes and sandals. which have been amputated or have damaged nerve endings.