Fresco Rigid Plaque
Rigid Plaque
F-01904-00 20 x 25 cm White perspex board Used for mixing liquid silicones.
Fresco Polymer of silicone
F-01906-01 250g Liquid Silicone Shore A : 20 with medium elasticity, transparent and low viscosity. Used to repair silicone orthotics or in mixtures with other silicones. For custom silicone sheeting
Fresco Silicone Oil
Silicone Oil
F-01920-00 200ml Silicone Oil Used with other Fresco silicones to obtain a brighter, more consistent and softer silicone orthosis.
Fresco Silicone 1400 Putty Grey
Silicona 1400
F-01921-01 500g Shore A 28-32 Hard silicone, semi-rigid with grey colour. Great tensile strength and elasticity. Used for manufaturing semi-rigid orthoses and prostheses.
Fresco Silicone Orthosil Orange – Rigid
F-01922-01 500g Orange coloured, Poly-condensation hard silicone. Can be mixed with other Fresco poly-condensation silicones to achieve different levels of hardness. Indicated for Corrective Rigid Silicone Orthoses and prostheses.
Fresco Bland Nature Shore A: 2 – 6
Bland Nature
F-01933-00 500g Shore A 2-6 Beige coloured, soft putty silicone. Used in palliative orthoses
Fresco Tubifoam
F-00001-(Size) Available in four sizes Tubifoam dressings protects the toes and fingers from friction and pressure points. A must to the orthopaedic foot and hand surgeon.
Fresco Foam Toe SeparatorsF00003_01 F-00003-(01-04) Size 1 – 4 Foam Toe Separators are supplied in professional packaging only. Using foam compared to foam is a professional choice and patient dependant. Each product has its advantages. A firm rubber foam covered with a soft foam for a high comfort Foam absorbs sweat better although sweating is not a common complaint with gel products. Gives effective and economical palliative relief for between the toe friction and irritation.
Fresco Toe Prop LeatherF00004 F-00004-(01-02) Size 1 – 2 Latex foam shaped pad, covered in a soft leather with an elastic net loop to fit over the toe. Support and help relieve pressure or pain in hammer, curly or retracted toes.
Fresco Digital Cap Toe FOAM ProtectorF00012 F-00012-(01-02) Size 1 – 2 A foam toe cap, which offers protection against injuries on the whole surface of the toes. Ideal for tos which have been amputated or have damaged nerve endings
Method Carre Treatment pack for Ingrowing Toe nails
F-00018-01 Effective: Pain disappears instantly. Wound cicatrizes and swelling disappears in few days. If used long enough relapse rate lowers dramatically.Non-agressive: We do not deform the nail bed! We do not need local anaesthesia most of the time!Goes unnoticed. Surgical intervention no more indicated! Treatment pack for Ingrowing Toe nails
Deramed Hallux Valgus Night Splint
F-00020-(Size) Size 1 – 3 Hallux Valgus Night Splint sold in pairs. Used to splint the big toe post-operatively at night.
Fresco Horseshoe Corn Pad FELT 2 and 3mm
F-00025-(Size) S, L Horseshoe Corn Pad FELT 2 and 3 mm sold in bulk(x 25) to the podiatry market. Corn pad.
Fresco Moleskin (25cm x 3m)
F-00506-01 Thickness: .5mm Fresco moleskin is a 100% cotton beige coloured product which comes in a roll 25cm x 3m. Used by the professional to cut as required for protection of shafing areas anywhere. Also used by OT’s and Orthotists & Prosthetists for protection.
Fresco Felt 30 x 20cm Sheets
F-00507-(Sizes) Fresco Felt comes in boxes of 2(10mm), 4(5mm), 6(4mm), 6(3mm) and 10(2mm). It is made of a 50% wool/viscose mix which allows for absorption but does not collapse as pure cotton and wool does. Hypoallergenic adhesive. Professionals cut felt to sizes to relief pressure, prevent chafing or to off-load.
Fresco Velvet Moleskin
F-00508-00 200mm x 300mm x 15 sheets / box Semi-elastic velvet tissue 100% cotton. Hypo-allergenic rubber adhesive. Thickness 0.8mm.
Fresco Fleecy Web Moleskin
F-00515-40 22.5cm x 40cm x 2.6mm This is a Semi-elastic Hypoalergenic Adhesive felt, made of a 100% velvet cotton. Used for cushioning and where extra  protection is needed.
Fresco Goniometric Reglet
F-00920-00 It has graduated segments, concentric circles, inverted T, central graduated circle, and lateral marks. Goniometric Reglet is a professional measuring tool used to measure foot angles.
Silicone RTV – 11504 liquid silicone
Liquid silicone
F-01907-01 Liquid silicone, very elastic, flexible, high adherence. A Bi-compound elastomer that binds woth any of fresco catalysts. Can be mixed with other silicones to provide greater elasticity and softness, Normally used to repair silicone orthotics. Should be mixed with a spatula due to its fluid like nature.
Fresco Reaktol Liquid Catalyst
Picture 003
F-01908-00 Liquid Catalyst – Reaktol used with Fresco Silicona, Bland Rose and other Fresco silicones.
Fresco Paste Catalyst – Red
Picture 008
F-01910-00 Fresco Catalyst – Red Pastem used as alternative to Reaktol in mixing with Fresco silicones. Works a little bit slower and gives a softer result than Reaktol.2 Year shelf life.
Fresco Silicona (500gr)
F-01923-00 500g jars Used with catalyst drops or Red paste. It provides a 14 Shore hardness when used correctly. This is a good alround product. Should not be used with Duo Silicones. Can be mixed with other silicones for softer or harder outcomes, but always before catalyst is added.
Fresco Silicona Duo 10 250g + 250g
F-01924-00 Fresco Silicona Duo 10 is a new easy mix bi-compound mixable silicone. It provides a 10 Shore Hardness when mixed 50:50 as indicated. Ease of use and success rate is here the attraction. Washable and re-usable.Can be mixed with Duo 30 for a harder orthosis. Available as starter pack.
Fresco Duo 10 (125g +125g) Starting KitF01924_02 F-01924-02 125g each For professionals who want to learn how to use silicones and try the most popular of the DUO range.
Fresco Silicona Starting kit
F-01926-00 Fresco Silicona Starting kit consists of Bland Rose 125g + Silicona Fresco 125g + Reaktol ). The starting kit is a cost-effective low risk way of familiarising yourself with these silicones.
Fresco Silicona Duo 30 250g + 250g
F-01928-00 Fresco Silicona Duo 30 is a new mixable bi-compound silicone with Shore hardness 30. Can be used with Duo 10 for slightly softer product. Must always be used in 50:50 mix.Washable and re-usable. Used by professionals for correctional orthoses when alligning toes.
Fresco Silicona Bland Rose 500g
F-01930-01 Fresco Silicona Bland Rose is a 2-4 Shore hardness silicone with 386% elasticity. It is washable, re-usable and can provide immediate relief from pain.Mixed with Reaktol catalyst drops or Red Paste hardener.NB: Wet hands before production to ensure perfect results. Bland Rose is the ideal silicone for paliattive orthoses because of its softness and mineral oil. Ideal for the fragile skin patient. Outstanding comfort.
Fresco Moleskin Toe Separators
F-00021 Size 1 x4/bagSize 2 x4/bagSize 3 x4/bagSize 4 x3/bag A Firm rubber foam covered with Fresco Sport Moleskin for high comfort level. Gives effective and economical palliative relief for between the toe friction and irritation.
DVD – How to work with Deramed Silicones
F-01925-00 Buy this DVD at cost! We just want you to master silicones. This DVD explains how to use Deramed silicones and gives some advanced tips on how to build silicone orthoses. It is highly recommended to buy this DVD before you start using silicones as technique is critical and silicones expensive. You can’t afford to make mistakes. Avoid embarrassmanet, buy a DVD!
Fresco Felt 5mm 100% Wool with Hypoallergenic Adhesive
 F-00517-05 22.5cm x 45cm x 5mm An Adhesive felt with a composition of a 100% pure wool. It is very smooth to the touch. The Adhesive is Hypoallergenic.  Used for Off Loading