Gel Toe Crest
P-TC-(02 & 03)
P-TCL-(02 & 03)
P-TCR-(02 & 03)
M, L in left/right

Also available as only left or only Right in both M & L

It is made with a durable & flexible toe loop which easily fits over the toe to stay in place. It will not bottom out like a foam product might.Washable and reusable The Gel Toe Crest is designed to ease discomfort from hammer, claw and mallet toes.
Gel 5th Digital Bunion Guard
P-5DBG One Size The soft flexible gel shell, cushions and comforts tender and sensitive skin and surrounding tissue

The durable & comfortable toe loop slides over the big toe to hold the product in place

Washable and reusable

Ideal for protection of 5th digit bunions from friction and pressure
Gel 5th Digital Ring
P-5DR One Size An specially designed gel ring for extra protection for the 5th toe.Easily fit without extra bulk from fabric. Helps relieve pain from tight shoes or other pressure causing factors.
Gel Sandal Thong Protector
P-STP One Size The protector has adhesive gel to ensure it will remain on your shoes. It is designed with a medium durometer and is a comfortable and flexible protector.

The gel will not lose its shape like foam

It is specifically designed to fit over the thong of a sandal and thus helps reduce friction and irritation between toes.
Gel Digital Cap Low Profile
P-DC-(01-03) S, M, L This product is thin on the side to make it easy to fit while it is thick on the end for added protection. It has a vented hole for the release of Heat and Moisture It offeres superior cushioning, protection and relief for toe/finger corns, calluses, nails and cuticles, hammer toes and partially amputated digits.
Talipes Varus Wedge with AM Cover
P-TVA-(01-03) S, M, L The Talipes varus wedge is designed to be used as a light corrective tool. At the same time it has a blue dot for lateral offloading. It can be used as a tool to resist supanation
Silicome HeelCup Central Dot
P-HC-(01-05) S, M, L, XL, XXL The Heelcup is designed to be extremely comfortable & will not flatten out with use over time. It has a softer blue silicone in the center for offloading of pressure points under the heel.

Used in treatment of plantar Fasciitis

Silicone Metpad with AM Cover
P-MPA One Size Softer spot in the center for off-loading of the metpad. Off-Loading of the metarsals for patients who suffer from discomfort due to long periods of standing and walking or wearing high heels
Silicone HeelCup Spur with AM Cover
P-HAS-(01-05) One Size Comfortable & will not flatten out with useSofter ‘Spur’ spot under heel (lateral) It has a softer blue silicone in the side of the heel cup for offloading of pressure points under the heel
Silicone 3/4 Insole with AM cover
P-TQA-(01-03) S, M, L The ¾ length gel innersole is easier to fit into the average shoe.Its dual durometer design under the heel and metatarsal areas provided great offloading.

It also has a deep heel and arch design.

Helps relieve pain and reduces callus formation
Silicone Full Length Insolewith Metpad & AM Cover
P-FLA-(01-08) Dual durometer design under the heel and metatarsal areas Off-loads metarsal and heel area for pain relief and extra comfort
Slim 3/4 Insole with Met Pad & AMC Cover
P-TQS-(S1-S3) Silicone will not flatten outSuper thin design for dress footwear of any type

Soft Met. Raise

Relieves heel and metatarsal pain by off-loading pressure from these areas

Built in metpad provides extra support under the metatarsal

Flat Insole Full Length with AM Cover

Podo Flat Insole

P-FIFLA-(01-03) S, M, L Single durometer design with antimicrobial cover When off-loading and shock absorption is required
Podo Box


P-PB One Size Foot impression box For taking foot impression before manufacturing custom-made orthotics.

Pure Medical-Grade Silicone
Universally recognized and accepted by the medical community, silicone is consider to be the traditional top-of-the-line material for contact with the body. It is non-allergenic for most people. Silicone gels can be formulated for hardness ranging from very soft to very firm. They generally provide good shock resistance and shear force absorption. S-GELs are ideally suited for use in a wide range of medical products, including • orthopedic devices • prosthetic liners • wound and scar management • tubing and • catheters. They are often used as well in cosmetic and other personal care products.
Pure, Medical-Grade Mineral-Oil Thermoplastic Elastomers
These mineral oil-based visco-elastic compounds are 100% medical grade, non-allergenic and dermatologist-tested. Available in soft to medium densities, they provide the flexibility for conforming easily to bony areas of the body, such as elbows, heels, fingers and toes. The distinguishing characteristic of M-GELS is that they exude mineral oil consistently throughout their product lifetimes. They can also be formulated to “carry” and time-release other oils, vitamins and other additives. These oils and additives soften, condition and comfort skin on contact, making M-GELS very effective for moisturizing skin-care applications. M-GELS are a cost-effective alternative to most silicone gel applications, including • medical orthopedic products • prosthetic and orthotic products and • wound care. They are highly suitable for use in • cosmetics • skin-hydration delivery systems and • consumer health care products.
Versatile Standard Thermoplastic Elastomers
T-GELS are oil-based TPE gels available in soft to firm durometers. Unlike mineral-oil based gels, T-GELS exude virtually much less oil on contact with the skin. They are formulated to absorb high shock and shear forces for high-impact applications. For practical purposes, T-GELS can be viewed as a hybrid between silicone and mineral-oil gels. They offer unique opportunities for matching the functionality of silicone at greatly reduced cost. T-GELS are ideal for use in cushioning and shock-absorption products such as • insoles and • heel cups. They also perform extremely well in uses ranging widely from • medical devices to • personal care appliances to • sporting good products.