WADEK Diabetic Soft Top
WADEK DiabeticSofttopLarge
Black, Brown. 5 – 14 The WADEK Diabetic Soft has been a best seller for many years now. Mostly used as diabetic shoe because of its soft expandable leather and breathable neoprene top, it can also accomodate a custom insole because of removable inner and extra depth. If they cannot find a shoe in a shoeshop, give them PF Soft Top! Wide accomodative toe box. It is often a solution to the abnormally shaped foot whether congenital or due to injury.
WADEK Extra Depth Derby Boot
Black and Dark Brown. 5-12 The Extra Depth Derby Boot allows for an amazing 6-10mm in extra depth(depending on size). Comes with a removable insole. This classic has been on the market for many years in its normal depth. used in factory workers, security firms and SADF.
WADEK Extra Depth Derby Shoe
Black and Brown 5-14 They are full leather hand made shoes of export quality. The Extra Depth Derby shoe by WADEK is used by orthotists and podiatrists to accomodate custom made insoles. Often used in the military, police force and security services.
WADEK Post-op Shoe Pediatric
WADEK PedPostopLarge
Black S, M, L Code: T-P339005111 – (01-03).It provides a protective shoe to be used post-operative, which can be opened completely to fit any bandaged foot. It has a double easy closure strap system. This pediatric post-op shoe is specially design for the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and his patients.
WADEK Post-op Shoe Adult
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL The WADEK post-op shoe is a light weight post-op shoe designed to hold and support any size of foot . It opens up completely for insertion to accomodate bandages and abnormal swelling. It has a built in shank to firm up the metatarsal area which reduces pain post-op. It comes with 3 straps in extra length to accomodate any size foot. Post-op Shoe
WADEK Wedge Shoe
Black S, M, L, XL After years of research, trial and error, we now have the perfect balance in this very popular shoe. It forces the patient to place his/her weight on the heel on impact and allows for a “rocker” effect” to keep weight off the forefoot. Sold as single units. The WADEK post-op wedge shoe is used by the orthopaedic surgeon to reduce pain and discomfort after forefoot surgery.
WADEK Cast Boot
Black S, M, L, XL It keeps his creation in good condition which is always good for your image! Jokes aside. More important is the fact that the patient does not get dirt into the cast and then carries it into bed at night. Wear and tear damages the cast which then develop sharp edges which in turn damages bedding. The WADEK Cast Boot is used by the orthopaedic surgeon to protect his synthetic cast.
WADEK Cast Boot Pediatric
WADEK PedCastbootLarge
Black S, M, L The WADEK Cast Boot Pediatric is sold as single units. It is used to protect the synthetic cast of pediatric patients primarily but also to protect the bedding of such patients. Sometimes prefered as post-op shoe because of more support.
New WADEK Wedge

Wedge shoe

XS-XL Forefoot Off-Loading Orthopaedic Shoe Off-loading post forefoot surgery, Post-Bunionectomies